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MaNGOSDevTool to help testing builds and custom code on Linux


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Hi guys,

I've been working on a little tool to help speed up and generally be lazy(!) when testing patches and custom code in MaNGOS under Linux.

[h]What does it do?[/h]

  • Fetches source code.
  • Configures and builds.
  • Resets local source.
  • Displays output.

...at the click of 3 buttons. I am still working on GUI design in GTK however have been thinking about adding check boxes for custom build options such as DACE_USE_EXTERNAL, and maybe a text field for complete control over it.

Some features I have thought about and would like feedback on:

  • Output file logging.
  • Custom build options.
  • make -j support. (important imo)
  • Field to auto apply patches prior to build.
  • ScriptDev2 support.
  • Simple debugging.

[h]What this tool is not?[/h]

A way for you to simply compile your 'release' binaries. This project is for me to learn C# programming with GTK# on Linux via Mono, and make life easier for myself, (and others) who re-compile often when testing. This tool will be for testing and debugging not producing release compiles.

Here is a screen-shot of current GUI layout, will be more updates as project gets closer to the point of sticking up on Github.


MaNGOSDevTool on Github: https://github.com/painejake/MaNGOSDevTool/

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Nice. Currently I can't think of leaving the console, but looks promising :)



Yeah there isn't really anything that is quicker than using a terminal, I'm hoping though people who are working on a patch this may come in handy applying and recompiling in one or two click. Again it's a learning project for me with the hope it's useful to others too.

Thanks for the feedback though! Appreciated :-)

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