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AuctionHouseBot freeze characters DB

Guest yad02

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I've a problem since long time ago with AHBot, Insert statement is called too often and it freeze characters DB.

I can't create character or login it or enum player in my account...

probably mysql server on windows doen't like more and more row...

I count number of row in auction table, I have +15 row by 1 second... it's very slow...

can you give me an issue ? maybe a specific way to configure mysql.ini ?

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there is no need to configure the mysql.ini.

you can set in ahbot.conf

# AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle.Boost

# This value is used to fill DB faster than normal when there is more than this value missed items.

# Normaly this value is used only first start of the server with empty auction table.

# Default 1000


# AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle.Normal

# This value is used to fill DB normal way with less cpu/db using.

# Normaly this value is used always when auction table is already initialised.

# Default 20

AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle.Boost = 1000

AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle.Normal = 20

you will also see the info in the console window

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these are my values in ahbot.conf, everything higher causes the same "problem" that yad02 reports.

AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle.Boost = 75

AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle.Normal = 20

the reason is the slow PC respectively the Hard-Disk-Drive which is not fast enough.

@yad02: try playing with theses values to find the best one for your hardware.

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