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[Patch]TemporarySummon set UNIT_FIELD_SUMMONEDBY value

Guest anti-freak

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Mangos Verion: all until current

Who wrote this patch:


what does it change:

temporarysummoned creatures now set the "UNIT_FIELD_SUMMONEDBY" value, so the "GetOwner()" and "GetOwnerGuid()" function are working correct.

diff --git a/src/game/TemporarySummon.cpp b/src/game/TemporarySummon.cpp index 7d3ad3d..052ad70 100644 --- a/src/game/TemporarySummon.cpp +++ b/src/game/TemporarySummon.cpp @@ -156,6 +156,8 @@ void TemporarySummon::Summon(TempSummonType type, uint32 lifetime, uint32 spawnP m_timer = lifetime; m_lifetime = lifetime; + SetGuidValue(UNIT_FIELD_SUMMONEDBY, m_summoner); + AIM_Initialize(); GetMap()->Add((Creature*)this); }

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