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C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION When Hunter does volley AOE

Guest ike3

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Sometimes when Hunter casts Volley AOE the server crashes with the stack trace:

Address Frame Function SourceFile

004AD370 00000000 Unit::ProcDamageAndSpellFor+50

004AE721 00000000 Unit::ProcDamageAndSpell+31

006F2CEE 00000000 Spell::cast+78E

006F3059 00000000 Spell::prepare+1D9

004A05DF 00000000 Unit::CastSpell+21F

00500A1A 00000000 Aura::TriggerSpell+F8A

005021BA 00000000 Aura::PeriodicTick+164A

00502325 00000000 Aura::Update+25

004F3AF8 00000000 SpellAuraHolder::Update+98

004A9C8D 00000000 Unit::_UpdateSpells+CD

004B4656 00000000 Unit::Update+26

0054E352 00000000 Player::Update+82

00411A68 00000000 WorldObject::UpdateHelper::Update+58

004DCD84 00000000 Map::Update+124

00625D16 00000000 MapManager::Update+66

0047441E 00000000 World::Update+25E

004490E0 00000000 WorldRunnable::run+60

004570DE 00000000 ACE_Based::Thread::ThreadTask+E

10052B64 00000000 __WSAFDIsSet+FFFFFFFFFFFCAD1C

72A829BB 00000000 _endthreadex+3B

72A82A47 00000000 _endthreadex+C7

77049ED2 00000000 RtlInitializeExceptionChain+63

77049EA5 00000000 RtlInitializeExceptionChain+36


Reverting changes from this revision makes this issue disappear

Revision: e7da1b0c9b065fb3e28d8792839b882c97799ea1

Author: Laise

Date: 20.07.2011 16:41:01


[11748] Replace SpellModifier struct by direct aura access (this should fix charge drops of 36032) also revert [11740]

Mangos Version: 11756

Custom Patches: no

SD2 Version: no sd2

Database Name and Version : does not depend on

How it SHOULD work: no crash

How it DOES work: crash

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