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dualspec - get portet by trainer

Guest TheChris80

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hi everyone =)

I have a huge problem

since i ve updated my core and patched the database i get portet to dolanar every time after i pad the fee for dualspec by the trainer.

now im asking what could it be ?

Databse problem or core problem ?

im sorry but not good enough to find out by my self yet

maybe its a simple solution but i dont know how to fix it

could it be that some gossip-entry are twisted ?

Im using mangos on debian squeeze.

Thank you for help =)

best greetings to the community


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Just some information we might need:

MaNGOS Revision (And maby hash)

Database Revision (And wich database)

Script Library (ScriptDev2 revision)

That should be it, i really appreciate that you use debian squeeze ;) Goddamnit debian is awesome :D

Also, Teleports can only occur trought a function call to the core, so there are either some new database event table for teleports, a script or something written in the core, i would bet on something written in the core, what version did you update from and wich on did you update to?

EDIT: Exactly when you have got teleported, (do not moce at all) Then type .gps and give us the output

- LilleCarl

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thanks alot for ya help im slowly go desperate

mangosR2 branch (* * R2 Revision 820 commit e4d977d336b7aa6b4578fe358684b8e111986ab2) for Linux_x64 (little-endian)
Using script library: ScriptDev2 (for MaNGOS 11720+) Revision [2257] (e4d977d336b7aa6b4578fe358684b8e111986ab2) * * /dev/rsa branch (Unix)
Using World DB: YTDB_0.14.3_R605_MaNGOS_R11765_SD2_R2257_ACID_R308_RuDB_R40
Using creature EventAI: ACID 3.0.8 - Full Release for Mangos (3.3.5a Client)
Online players: 1 (max: 1) Queued players: 0 (max: 0)
Server uptime: 5 Hour(s) 38 Minute(s) 51 Second(s).
Time sync received: counter 8, client ticks 382986085, time since last sync 10075
Our ticks: 382986186, diff 101, latency 46

and yes its by every trainer

if i teach me this as GM then nothing even no output in chat or console :/

here are the coords

area 186 (dolanaar) Phase 1
x: 9889.0.0273 y: 915.869019 z:1307430054 orientation:1.933600

i know its a modded core and i tried in different other forums but i dont get help =(

@littlecarl yes debian is best and really easy to handle =)

by the way

im sorry for my english but my native language is german =)

hope u dont mind.

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This "mangosR2" is not mangos! It's some custom fork with god knows what mods and hacks.

So please everyone stop flooding the forum with problems with it...could aswell ask for arcemu or trinity support :rolleyes:

Well, i know its a "custom" fork" and that there shall be no support here, i just wanted to know the *differences* between mangos and mangos"r2", they seem to put much effort into that repository, maby someone should crawl their commits and see if some of them are usable in mangos (and not hacky etc....)

- LilleCarl

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No idea what is inside, there doesn't seem to be any good information, from what i heard it's basically everything RSA has been putting in his branch and then some.

But RSA already never really cared to outline his modifications (at least not here in english forums), so hardly anyone would ever try to make some useful feature patch for mangos.

There may be many nice things inside, but basically, they're rather useless to us because they are mixed with so many other things, making a port arguably as complicated as re-implementing it.

Many unfished patches from our core modification section seem to go into such forks and get fixed/hacked there some more, but usually nothing comes back from it.

Sometimes someone drops a big pile of code and expects us to review it without their help, but that's just infeasible for most of us time-wise.

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Lynx3d, please do not mix everything together. I offered a lot of code in mangos, unfortunately for some of the suggestions I have no (any!) answer more than six months. And to offer something new out of package - senselessly, because it requires a prior written:) That's what I recently wrote Laise on migrating LFG.

And if on this issue - people trying to cross a fork R2 and unmodified ScriptDev2. What is real, but not with his knowledge ...

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