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Warrior wirlwind dmg bug


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Mangos Version: S1329

Custom Patches: none

SD2 Version: 2257

Database Name and Version : custom, but based on UDB for TBC 1.0.4 by X-Savior

How it SHOULD work:

The warrior talent whirlwind should do a „normal hit“ with every equipped Weapon (MH and OH) on 4 targets.

(Sources: http://www.wowwiki.com/Whirlwind and http://www.wowwiki.com/Patch_2.3.0)

The „normal hit“ (white hit) with a OH weapon is calculated like that:

The offhand hit does 50% dmg of the weapons dmg but with the skill "Dual Weild Specialization" from the Warriors skill-tree, the offhand damage rises to 62,5% .

((50% + (50% * 25%)= 62,5%)

Now we calculate the bonus for slow Speed weapons at instant attacks (like whirlwind):

Normal dmg = base weapon dmg + (x * Atackpower /14)

For x we use:

1.7 for Daggers

2.4 for other 1h weapons

3.3 for 2h weapons

2.8 for ranged weapons

Our calculation for offhand damage of the skill whirlwind:

Damage = (weapon dmg x 0,625) + (2.4 * atackpower/14)






How it DOES work:

My Tests:

Warrior attack power: 1767

Weapon: Dragonfist damage 159-296 1h mace

If we use my formula for WW Offhand hits i should hit with offhand between 402 and 488 damage.

After testing i had following results:

Recount - Thymos Attacks: whirlwind

1. Hits 140 (70%) (Min: 115 ø: 349 Max: 596)

2. Crits 49 (25%) (Min: 307 ø: 744 Max: 1313)

3. Dodges 11 (6%) ( ø: 0)

From watching my hits: offhand hits noncrits are between 115 und 190 dmg, which is way to low.

The bug is reproducable everytime on different chars, create a lvl 70 Warrior and specc furry, equip 2x 1h weapons and use the skill whirlwind.

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