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PHP registration form

Guest Wolominiarz

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Hi there everyone, I'm attempting to create a registration form in php for my mangos server. I have partially succeeded, I've managed to input the data into my accounts table but I cannot login. I think that there is something wrong with my sha_pass_hash string.

What I do is to let the person registering type in his username, pass and email. The mangos wiki says that the format of the hash is a sha1 encrypted string and looks like "username:password". So what I do in my php script is this:

$hash = sha1($username.":".addslashes($_POST['password']));

however that does not seem to work because i cannot login.

The full code goes like this:


include '../cfg.php';

$usr = addslashes($_POST['usr']);

$pss = addslashes(sha1($_POST['pss']));

$rep = addslashes(sha1($_POST['rep']));

$mail = addslashes($_POST['mail']);

$exp = addslashes(2);

$err = false;

$hash = sha1($usr.":".addslashes($_POST['pss']));

if(strlen($usr) < 4){

$err = true;


if($pss != $rep){

$err = true;


if($err == true){

header('Location: reg_fail.php');


$con = mysql_connect($host,$user,$pass)or die("Could not connect");

mysql_select_db('realmd',$con)or die("Could not select");

mysql_query("INSERT INTO account (username,sha_pass_hash,email,joindate,expansion) VALUES

('$usr','$hash','$mail',NOW(),'$exp')")or die(mysql_error());


header('Location: reg_success.php');



Any suggestions?

I could also replace the $hash with SHA1(CONCAT(UPPER('$usr'), ':', UPPER('$_POST['pss']'))), would that make a difference?

Best regards Wolominiarz

EDIT : Problem solved! Thanks anyway :)

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