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Movement related bug I found on oregon mangos & trinity.


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This patch is for oregon, but it should mostly be thesame.

The server sends movement info in the wrong order.

@@ -374,9 +374,9 @@ void Object::_BuildMovementUpdate(ByteBu

// Unit speeds

*data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_WALK);

*data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_RUN);

+ *data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_RUN_BACK);

+ *data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_SWIM);

*data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_SWIM_BACK);

- *data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_SWIM);

- *data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_RUN_BACK);

*data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_FLIGHT);

*data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_FLIGHT_BACK);

*data << ((Unit*)this)->GetSpeed(MOVE_TURN_RATE);

This will also weird bug where you have to set backpeddling speed in "MOVE_SWIM_BACK" instead of "MOVE_RUN_BACK" and vice versa

@@ -62,9 +62,9 @@ float baseMoveSpeed[MAX_MOVE_TYPE] =


2.5f, // MOVE_WALK

7.0f, // MOVE_RUN

- 2.5f, // MOVE_RUN_BACK

+ 4.5f, // MOVE_RUN_BACK

4.722222f, // MOVE_SWIM

- 4.5f, // MOVE_SWIM_BACK

+ 2.5f, // MOVE_SWIM_BACK

3.141594f, // MOVE_TURN_RATE

7.0f, // MOVE_FLIGHT


This is not noticable client side, I found it while coding related stuff.

There might be more code related to this in mangos, not sure you guys are gonna have to check for urself.


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