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Mangos + mmaps + playerbot + ScriptDev2


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This worked but is it 100% OK?


~$ rm -fr mangos/

~$ git clone git://github.com/mangos/mangos.git

~$ cd mangos/

~/mangos$ git fetch git://github.com/faramir118/mangos.git mmaps_rewrite:mmaps_rewrite

~/mangos$ git checkout mmaps_rewrite

~/mangos$ rm -fr dep/recastnavigation/RecastDemo/

~/mangos$ HASH=`git log --pretty=oneline | grep '\\[1[0-9]\\{4\\}]' | head -n 1 | cut -d " " -f 1`

~/mangos$ git diff $HASH > mmaps_write.patch

~/mangos$ git checkout master

~/mangos$ git apply --whitespace=fix mmaps_write.patch

~/mangos$ git fetch git://github.com/blueboy/portal.git master:new-ai

~/mangos$ git checkout new-ai

~/mangos$ HASH=`git log --pretty=oneline | grep '\\[1[0-9]\\{4\\}]' | head -n 1 | cut -d " " -f 1`

~/mangos$ git diff $HASH > new-ai.patch

~/mangos$ git checkout master

~/mangos$ git apply --whitespace=fix new-ai.patch

~/mangos$ git clone git://github.com/scriptdev2/scriptdev2.git src/bindings/ScriptDev2

~/mangos$ git apply src/bindings/ScriptDev2/patches/MaNGOS-11167-ScriptDev2.patch

~/mangos$ mkdir build

~/mangos$ cd build

~/mangos/build$ cmake ../ -DPCH=1 -DACE_USE_EXTERNAL=1 -DDEBUG=0 -DTBB_USE_EXTERNAL=0

~/mangos/build$ make

~/mangos/build$ make install


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