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Hello everybody,

I am setting up a Mangos server on linux. Everything goes well. But now i'm at the point that i have to extract the maps, and thats where it doesn't work anymore at all...

When I run ad.exe it just gives me the message "No locales detected". So i start looking up this problem on the internet. But then i saw people talking about some .bat file. I don't have that :|

Can someone post the source of that batch file so I can still execute it the right way? :)

Thnx in advance!


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Hello Xanvier,

have you put it into your 3.3.5a wow main folder before running him ? (at the same level than wow.exe).


I see now that i am running v1.12.1.5875. Can that be the problem? shoud i download the newest wow version from Blizzard?


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