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IsBeingTeleportedFar && ProcessDelayedOperations


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As i see when we teleport player to location (plr->TeleportTo(location);) we cannot use in next line "castspell(plr, aura)". (may result with crash in spell method)

So if i want to apply aura after teleportation done what is the best method?

Is test IsBeingTeleportedFar associated with ScheduleDelayedOperations is the good way?

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71328 I think should be cast when queuing up to lfg

Indeed 72221 is cast after the teleport is finished.

However it is possible that this must be cast genericly whenever a player is logged in into a dungeon while in a lfg group. (relog problem).

I think probably a good place would be to use a procedure of OnLogin-Handling, especially related to spell 836.

I don't think that 72221 should be cast by the dummy effect of 836, because I have this kind of log:

(however I cannot be sure that the order in this case of things in my log is the order that must be used)

- cast 836


- A bunch of aura updates

- cast spell 72221 (clearly later than 836)

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