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[MaNGOS-One][Patch] Guild bank log: don't log item moves in guild bank


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Patch made against ManGOS One s1434, but the same issue is still present in Master.

What bug does this patch fix?

I noticed that moving items around in a guild bank tab causes these moves to be appended to the tab's log. That shouldn't be the case.

It also fixes a 'typo': splited => split

Who wrote the patch?

I did (github user evil-at-wow).

Additional notes

Just for clarity, the following is the intended behavior.


  • putting items in the guild bank (character inventory to guild bank)
  • retrieving items from the guild bank (guild bank to character inventory)
  • moving items from one tab of the guild bank to a different tab, even when splitting or merging stacks

Not logged:

  • moving items from a slot to a different slot on the same tab of a guild bank
  • splitting a stack of items within the same tab of a guild bank
  • merging stacks of items within the same tab of a guild bank

Or in summary: anything that does not change the content of a guild bank tab (the total amount and kind of items) should not be logged.

Patch: http://paste2.org/p/1818770

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I took the liberty of applying your patch to mangos master without any code cleanups to make code review easier. While code cleanups are usually nice there is a lot more to be changed there like removing whitespaces within brackets, using camelCase, using type* varName instead of type * varName, and so on which can be done by a dev easily...


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