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Core Mods (Playerspeed etc.)


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For a long time I played with precompiled cores, with lots of stuff (maybe too many), and now I can't live without speeding the game (player movement), so I tried to find where these patches were coded, and finally, I've found :

In SRC/unit.cpp :

float baseMoveSpeed[MAX_MOVE_TYPE] =


2.5f, // MOVE_WALK

7.0f, // MOVE_RUN

4.5f, // MOVE_RUN_BACK

4.722222f, // MOVE_SWIM


3.141594f, // MOVE_TURN_RATE

7.0f, // MOVE_FLIGHT




Theses values are already modified, normal run speed is 4.5, I used 1.5 multiplier for run, back, swim and fly.

The best would be a conf integration, but I don't know where to start, so i modded it in code...

Maybe someone could find a better solution ?

I'll search for others mods, like pet satisfaction...

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You can temporarily change all movement speeds using GM modify commands.

Commands can be used to alter a selected player's movement speed while flying, running, walking, mounted, and swimming. Valid values range from 0.1 to 10 times normal speeds. You can reset the player's speed back to normal by entering a value of 1. I generally find that ground movement is nearly suicidal when choosing values higher than 5, as anything beyond that has you moving too quickly to avoid colliding with things or falling off cliffs. On the other hand, if you manage to jump just as you reach the edge of a high precipice, you'll glide farther than any pair of Goblin Rocket Boots could ever manage!

.modify fly n -affects flying speed

.modify speed n - affects run speed

.modify bwalk n - affects backwards running speed

.modify swim n - affects swimming speed

.modify aspeed n - affects all movement types at once (all speeds)

Just for fun, you can make players change size, from gigantic to smaller than a mouse, by using the .modify scale command and entering a value of 0.1 to 4 times normal size.

You can make them instantly drunk or sober with .modify drunk, where 0 is completely dry and 100 is totally smashed.

You can changed your appearance or that of another player with the .modify morph command. You must enter the model display ID of the creature or NPC you wish to appear to be. I had lots of fun scaring my nephews by showing up as Kil'jaeden!

All these changes are removed when the affected character logs out.

For a complete list of available commands, just check out the commands table in your database. Some are available to everyone, while others can only be used by GMs or Moderators. You can change the security level of a command. You might make everyone free to change their movement speed, for example.

The security level for each command in the database is listed immediately after the command.

('modify speed',1,'Syntax: .modify speed #rate\\r\\n.speed #rate\\r\\n\\r\\nModify the running speed of the selected player to \\"normal base run speed\\"*rate. If no player is selected, modify your speed.\\r\\n\\r\\n #rate may range from 0.1 to 10.'),

So you would change the '1' to whatever security level you wish.

Have fun!

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An other modification, concerns Pet's hapiness :

I found the code in Pet.cpp, here you must search for two instances of this code :

m_happinessTimer => 7500 is default, in fact, every 7500 ... pops xD ... the pet loses some hapiness.

If you use a multiplier (15000 for example), it will verify, and take longer time to lose hapiness.

Can somebody confirm it ?

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I haven't looked through the code enough to offer a complete solution but I'll tell you how I'd approach the situation:

What I would is edit World.h/World.cpp to add a config value(s) for the player's default speed(s). This should probably be under the

enum eConfigUInt32Values

section of World.h. Then copy some of the code from World.cpp (under LoadConfigSettings(bool reload)) on how to set up a config variable and modify it for your own, and then add the respective string to your config file. (ex: Player.Speed.Walk, Player.Speed.Run, Player.Speed.Swim)

After that, I'm not sure where exactly, write something to modify the speed(s) according to your variables. For example something like this should work:

// Run speed

baseMoveSpeed[1] = sWorld.getConfig(YOUR_CUSTOM_RUN_SPEED);

and so on.

I hope this helps :)

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