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[not bug] Jewelcrafting Gem Bug (3.3.5a Master repo)


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Using latest core, if u equip a meta socket on your head that requires to have 1 blue, 1 red and 1 yellow gem to be active, and than u add a Nightmere Tear on your chest (Gem that counts as any socket), u won't need any other gem to make your meta socket active. The meta will get active at once only with Nightmere Tear


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According to some comments I googled, this is not a bug but a fix :)

From wowhead comments (3.2.2)

It's pretty difficult to make a short tooltip that correctly describes the functionality of this gem There are two sides of it: For META requirements: one nightmare tear will count as 3 gems (1 red and 1 blue and 1 yellow) For socket bonuses: one nightmare tear will count as 1 gem (1 red or 1 blue or 1 yellow)

From wowpedia

A prismatic gem on your gear counts for all meta gem color requirements. One [Nightmare Tear], for example, is enough to activate your [Destructive Skyflare Diamond].

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