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[FIXED] Player Owned Pets Attack Owner/Player

Auntie Mangos

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Mangos Version: 11927

Custom Patches: https://github.com/antiroot/mangos/commit/bffe7293eb44ca9471f04a80442561f9c0aea13e

SD2 Version: 2447

Database Name and Version : UDB 403

How it SHOULD work:

Player owned pets shouldn't attack owner/player

How it DOES work:

Player owned pets DO attack owner/player after owner has taken environment/self damage, however they seem to only do a single attack at most

I did a quick search and didn't see a similar bug, but sorry if i'm double posting this

I do not know when this started happening, but whenever Warlock player takes environment or self inflicted damage (ie falling or fire) the warlocks pet will attempt to attack for a brief second. So far I've only tested this with warlock and imp, but I assume it affects any pet.

How to repeat: go to Ironforge, summon imp (enable imp's fireball autocast), run near a brazier/fire close enough that it does the expected fire trap damage.

Imp will target the player, Imp will cast fireball at player, after the fireball hits/misses the player the Imp leaves combat and continues following as expected

With the option for displaying combat text on screen is enabled, as soon as the fireball hits/misses the player the text "Entering Combat" and "Leaving Combat" flash on screen with almost no delay between the two messages.

There was a bug reported for mangos one http://getmangos.eu/community/post/140851/#p140851, i have not tested Health Funnel yet, but i assume it's the same/similar bug with the master branch.

The main difference I see between my bug and the one I linked to seems to be in my case the pet does stop attacking after it realizes it just attacked it's owner

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I noticed the bug related to "fall damage" and pets is not present on One, so i guess there's something different on master related to how pets AI is handled. Just started digging the code on mangos so i'm not familiar with the differences, maybe someone knows better and enlighten us.

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thanks fr1nge,

I only noticed the fall damage bug once, may have been a fluke and I might have actually fallen near a campfire (fire trap).. i'll test the fall damage a bit more tonight to see if it happens every time

But this bug does occur 100% of the time when you walk near a fire/environment trap

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