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[General Questions] GM Commands, Languages, and more.


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My friends and I have started up a private server to test things out and create stuff, much in the spirit of sandbox games. The biggest things we want to fix right now are how to make it so Horde races can hear Alliance races and vice versa, and a few GM commands we're a little confused about.

First off, we want to hear Horde race languages and Alliance race languages. We did .learn all_lang, but it only seemed to work for one of us, and we don't know why. The bloodelf can hear both human female, and the human male, but we can't hear her. We don't want to add mods or recompile any code, because on past private servers this has been 100% possible with no modding. What do we need to do to be able to communicate, minus any "workarounds"? We know .gm on will allow it, but that's not what we want to do.

Second, GM commands. On a friend's old private server we used to RP and play it like it was a DnD game. We would possess NPCs, talk through them, etc. This works wonderful with NPCs, but I noticed we are entirely incapable of doing it to other players. I don't know why, or what we need to do to fix this, but it would be nice if someone could tell us. We would very much like to .npc say on a player's character and make them say things.

Third, how do we make it so guild charters don't require 10 signatures? I have played on private servers where we were able to do this, but we're unable to do it here.

Fourth, how do we allow people to log multiple characters in on the same account?

Any help would be hot, folks. If there's any data or technical details we need to post here I'll have the host come on down and provide the relevant information.


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The language option is in the mangosd.conf file, just change allow two side chat to 1 and you will be able to understand each other.

The guild charter is also in the mangosd.conf you can set it to whatever number you like.

For the multi login I would just suggest making multiple accounts otherwise it could get really complicated, possibly core work to not disconnect an account on login (if that's possible) same with the commands through players.

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