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3.0.3 Flag changes in DB

Guest xeross

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1. You need to upgrade to WOTLK client to version 3.0.3 (9183)

2. You need a WOTLK database version that supports 3.0.3 (9183)

3, You need a 3.0.3 compatable version of AD.exe

Copy the AD.exe to WOTLK directory, make a folder called maps

Run AD.exe & copy the Maps folder & dbc folder back to your mangos folder.

You do not need vmaps

4. edit with notepad c:\\mangos\\mangosd.conf

Expansion = 2

5. Update realmd database using navicat or sqlyog

edit realmd database, table account, field expansion = 2


Run c:\\mangos\\realmd.exe (minimise)

Run c:\\mangos\\mangosd.exe

Click in the DOS window called MANGOSD.EXE

Press enter to get a prompt mangos>


mangos> account create $account $password

eg mangos> account create player fun

mangos> account set addon $account 2

eg mangos> account set addon player 2

login to wow using player & password fun

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pmiller863 just put in a wasted post really

woulda been easier to link to an install guide if thats all he wanted!

And UDB doesnt currently support WOTLK stuff...

so what you have in 2.4.3 is atm the same content for 3.0.3

nothing more.! =/

These questions need to be asked in the UDB forum etc

but basically!

No, doesnt change, (but could on the next version, for WOTLK)

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