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Hello, in what function are spells handled that act as shapeshift

For example, if you cast dire bear form, you'll get a different spellIcon in your spellbar (the whisp icon)

if you click it again, it will remove the shapeshift. How does the core know that it is a shapeshift spell and removes the shapeshift instead of returning that the spell is on cooldown?

It seems Shapeshift spells are skipped with the spell cooldown check, because if you click shapeshift spell again, the shapeshift gets removed. Even if it's on cooldown

What function checks if the spell is a shapeshift spell?

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Yeah I tried, but there is a problem.. I try to explain as best as I can.

The situation: to cancel a shapeshift spell you have 2 options

- Richt click the buff logo in the right upper corner

- Click the spell icon in the spellbar

Both situations call the same function:

void WorldSession::HandleCancelAuraOpcode( WorldPacket& recvPacket)

The problem is that I need to add a check to the spell bar and NOT a check to the right click method..

Because if I add the check to HandleCancelAuraOpcode, you cannot remove the spell by Right clicking the buff icon and this is a problem

I hope you understand because it's hard to explain.

I guess the main point I'm trying understand is that if there is a way to add a cooldown check only to the Spellbar and not to the right clicking part..

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