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[bug] Final heal of Lifebloom

Guest Doom4u

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MaNGOS 0.12.0

Problem: If someone dispells Druid spell Lifebloom it have to do final heal but it doesn't.

So Shamans can only tap Purge button repeately in arena and druid doesn't do any heal.

could anyone comment if this has been fixed or what? in what rev.?

maybe something like this "patch" will work in SpellAuras.cpp:

// Final heal only on dispelled or duration end
                   if ( !(GetAuraDuration() <= 0 || m_removeMode == AURA_REMOVE_BY_DISPEL || m_removeMode == AURA_REMOVE_BY_ENEMY_SPELL) )

Please comment - this is a vital part of lifebloom spell mechanics. Getting nothing when dispelled makes lifebloom a cripple spell.

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