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Setting up a TBC (2.4.3) Server (?)

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My Friends and me came up with the idea to play in the good old times on TBC (2.4.3). I've searched the web until I found getmangos.eu. I tried to setup a server (Ubuntu) but I messed it up, I think. I've got some errors when I tryed to start the world server and the extraction from my game folder crashed also.

I couldn't get the information how to setup a server for an older version, I've searched but didn't find something helpfully.

So my question is how to setup mangos for 2.4.3 or where I can get the files for it? It would be nice if there is a package for Linux or Windows.



//Edit - 2th April 2012 20:17

I found these two post (The BIG FAQ Thread and Which REV for Client ver. X). Am i right that i have to use an older release of mangos for 2.4.3? Can i use git pull git://github.com/mangos/mangos.git mangos-0.12 to get the source for it and then follow the instructions like before?

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