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Undo a .reset all?


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Yeah my wife accidentally used .learn all, and her spellbook was so junked up. Then she tried to remove all her spells, but she used .reset, rather than .unlearn. I think she used .reset all. This all happened while I was at work.

I think I just fixed it with the following sql command: UPDATE characters SET at_login="0" WHERE at_login="6"

I used 6 because it was a combination of the bitmasks 2 and 4, which according to that wiki, described the symptoms perfectly (talents and spells).

Now I just need a way to delete all the mail I sent, which was supposed to be compensation, but is no longer needed! Is there an ingame command to delete mail from someone, or is that an sql edit as well?

OK, I removed the mass mail with this: DELETE FROM mail WHERE sender="27";

Looking at the tables, I noticed my GM was sender 27. OMG huge sigh of relief here!

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