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Mangos Problems.


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Good evening everyone. I have installed and tested mangos core today with the latest updates.

and here is the list of bugs:

1. Mobs which casted hostile spell at you, if you hide under mountain to prevent monsters casting, after he understands that you are in LOS, he runs to you, but his animation bugs and it looks like he is still casting.(glowing hands for example)

2. Available quest refresh bug. For example: If you are level 15 in crossroads, and just dinged up to level 16 and in the camp there is a quest which can be started only from level 16, so the bug is that you wont be able to pick up that quest, until you take ANY random other quest.

3. Some game objects can be looted/opened by everyone(for example: Attack Plans quest in durotar Thwarting Kolkar Aggression

objects ids: 3190, 3189, 3192)

4. When mobs do respawn they get buff like they ding(level up)

5. Bugs with sharable quests:

{1.1 When players are too far away from each other in chat it writes: Sharing quest with <your own nickname> + Sharing quest with <your group mates name> but it should write : <name> is too far away.

{1.2 When sharing quest for example ID: 790(Sarkoth) When you try to share it when your target is too far away from you, your group mate gets quest offer with buttons accept or decline, but when he presses one of them nothing happens and he needs to abandon one of the quests OR relog for quest log to work normally again.

{1.3 When You share quest example ID: 790(Sarkoth) with your group mate when you are standing near him, he is able to accept it, but after you accept you tell him the quest givers words: in Sarkoth quest NPC says: Go swiftly <name>. My fate is in your hands. - So the same text you will tell when your groupmate accept quests(should not work like that).

6. Bug with group loot. Roll system works perfectly, but loot for common does not work as it should. For example: Im in dungeon with other player. We kill 6 mobs. Dropped a lot of common items. System should let me loot FIRST mob, group mate should not be able to loot FIRST mob.

Then we go to the 2nd monsters corpse. Now it should be his turn so He should be able to loot that corpse and im not.

7. Lava in ragesfire chasm not damaging players.

8. When mobs throw you up for example: npc Taragaman the Hungerer 11520 or Barron Geddon ID: 12056 abbility ID: 20475 when you are in the air, mob can fly to you through air and still hit you. Mobs should not fly.

+In some areas where are lots of mountains some mobs do FLY. (For Example Azshara)

9. If you are in group and looted chest which contains green items or higher, Roll option will popup. If 1 person will select greed or need, and other will select NONE(just waits) After time expires nothing happens and loot is not distributed.

10. Stuck Command(.st) cannot be used in combat

11. Red Sack of Gems: Contains gems + 17 level ring Black Pearl Ring(ring should be removed)

12. In Stranglethorn Vale Holy Spring Water can be used by everyone and after looting despawns. object id: 759

13. If opening for example Big Clam if you dont have free slots and trying to open Big Clam system should tell -not enough free slots and NOT open Clam. Currently even if you dont have free slots Clam opens and disappears from server.

14. Grunter, Clackthe reaver, Spiteflayer, Ravage, Magronos the unyielding, Akubar the seer in blasted lands (rare mobs) around 30 of them spawned all around location.

15. Lockpicking lockboxes via trade not working.

16. Companions and Pets(hunters, warlocks) movement speed too slow.(you actually run faster than they do, so they fall behind after 1-2 minutes of running)

17. Some mobs do evade especially at sea. For example in durotar Surf Crawler ID: 3107. After mob evades you are unable to attack him until server restarts.

18. After taming a pet, pets level instantly become almost the same as yours. For example tamed 8 lvl boar, Then he became 55 and his skills are messed up. + Pet automatically gets skills + Half From Cat, half from boar. Tested. Pets get leveled up by formula Character level -5 levels.

Boar should not be with Cat skills.

19. Sarkoth should be agressive

20. Pets wont attack targeted mob if they dont see enemy(if target is in LOS or behind a wall, mountain). Pets should calculate path to the targeted mob and run to them, even if there are mountains, small walls.

Currently i am 0 at core editing so i dont know at all how to fix almost every bug listed here.

Some of them, for example, Sarkoth faction change is easy, cause you can change it through database, but as for other bugs i have no idea.

If anyone could help me learn or give an advice about fixing, modifying i would APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH! Lets create best core together!

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