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SD2 patchfile - auto get newest

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i am using this little script i wrote myself:

echo ---SD2 Scripts Download and Patch START---

echo CHANGING TO MaNGOS Source folder

cd /opt/mangos_source/mangos/

echo CHANGED TO MaNGOS Source Folder, creating new SD2 folder

mkdir src/bindings/ScriptDev2

echo SD2 folder created, NOW DOWNLOADING SD2 Source

svn co https://scriptdev2.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scriptdev2/ src/bindings/ScriptDev2

echo DOWNLOAD ENDED - Should we patch? :D

patch -p1 < src/bindings/ScriptDev2/patches/MaNGOS-2008-12-22-ScriptDev2.patch

echo PATCHED THE SOURCE - Makefiles are now ready

echo ---SD2 Scripts Download and Patch COMPLETED---

ATM "MaNGOS-2008-12-22-ScriptDev2.patch" is hardcoded, how can i get the newest patchfile (variable) into my script? i will share the whole linux installer with the mangos community soon ;)

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