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[Help] PHPBB Registration inject in realmd DB

Guest dragoran

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how can I change the following code, which is also an entry made in mw_account_extend [account_id] and [account_level]

[== PHP ==]
// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // PWS USER ADD FOR MANGOS // MOD BY FROSTBYTE JULY 2009 // CHANGE THE FOLLOWING TO YOUR CHARACTER ACCOUNTS DATABASE $email = $user_row['user_email']; // GRAB THE PW FROM ABOVE $username = $user_row['username']; // SAME WITH USERNAME $password = $raw_pw; // AND THE PASSWORD SEE UCP_REGISTER.PHP #331 $dbhost="IP Adress"; // SET VARIABLES FOR MYSQL HOST $dbid="user"; // ID $dbpw="pass"; // AND PW $dbrealmd="database"; // INCASE NOT USING DEFAULT MANGOS VARIABLE $today = date("Y-m-d h"); // GET TODAYS DATE (I DIDNT SEE IT UP THERE) $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; // GET THE IP, SAME DIDNT SEE IT UP THERE $expansion = 2; // DEFAULT TO WOTLK, LATER I'LL MAKE IT USER SELECTABLE // LOAD UP THE DATABASE // replace with your stuff of course if(!$con = mysql_connect($dbhost,$dbid,$dbpw)){ die('Unable to connect to '.$dbhost.'
'.mysql_error()); } if(!mysql_select_db($dbrealmd,$con)){ die('Unable to access to the realm db
Check the includes/funtions_users.php'.mysql_error()); } // SETUP THE PASSWORD  $name = strtoupper($username); // CHANGE USERNAME TO UPPERCASE $password = strtoupper($password); // DO THE SAME WITH THE PW $hashed_pw = sha1($name.':'.$password); // SET THE NEW PW AS NAME COLON PASSORD COMBO  // PUT IT ALL TOGETHER if(!mysql_query("INSERT INTO account (username, sha_pass_hash, gmlevel, email, joindate, last_ip, expansion) values ( '".$username."', '".$hashed_pw."', 0, '".$email."', '".$today."', '".$ip."', $expansion)")){ die('Unable to add user.
'.mysql_error()); }; mysql_close($con); 

I hope you understand what I mean my english is really bad

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