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Welcome back!

Guest theluda_

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Sometimes looking back is the best opportunity to stop bitching about the past and start over.

This is an Open Source project, and as such from now on, you are free to join on our terms, and free to leave if you do not like them anymore.

From now on we will follow a set of rules, and a defined roadmap. Those will be our vehicle towards a better mangos future.

  • Be considerate.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be collaborative.
  • When we disagree, we consult others.
  • When we are unsure, we ask for help.
  • Step down considerately.

Some of you may remember the spirit of the early days when classic WoW was the thing, and development made great progress, and everyone was just participating in the mangos community without any concerns for their private servers. It is our desire to return to that feeling

and spirit, and this is why we have revived the forums. mangos was founded as a place to share, and not as a place to hide secrets.

Thus from now on we will follow the Open Source spirit only, and make "Release early, release often" what matters the most. There still will be a focus on quality of code but we will push things into the open right from the start.

Those prefering to keep things private, please leave. Now.

To all others: it is an honor to have you with us.

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It is a great joy to see MANGOS back once more! Welcome back to you, as well, TheLuda!

I had fears that such a long downtime had meant you were abandoning everything, perhaps disgusted by those who did try to use this project only for their own selfish desires. I hope this "new beginning" will herald an era of even greater innovation and a sense of community filled with enthusiasm and camaraderie unmatched by any other.

I truly missed having my home here. Thank you most sincerely for resurrecting it. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for such dedication and generosity! MaNGOS just wouldn't be the same without your leadership and devotion.

Cheers to Salja for stepping up to help with the site, forums, and repository. It's about time the Gnome had a Mecha-Gnome helper. Thank you for your part in restoring MaNGOS's home, Salja!

I don't know what matters occurred behind the scenes that have lead you to reinforce the open-source and open development philosophy in this project, but I agree we should have been always working that way. I will say now that I promise to honor you and my home here by always offering encouragement and insight gladly, to support others in their efforts no matter how impossible their dreams or ideas may seem, and I will help to foster a welcoming, friendly place for all who wish to take part.

I look forward to a better future for us all. If we work together as a family, united in our efforts, there is nothing we cannot accomplish and the day will come even sooner when MaNGOS is 100% functioning.

Now, lets roll up our sleeves... to make not only a server, but a community! :D

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Thank you, LilleCarl. You humble me with your praise. Just remember that your own honest enthusiasm and gentle kindness is equally admirable. It is people of that sort which are the bedrock of this community and I hope we will see many more like you. ;)

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