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MaNGOS Web suggestion list

Guest LilleCarl_

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I guess this is a awesome community project! The mission of this awesome project will be to give ideas about how to make the MaNGOS website even more awesome!

Ill being:

I miss the thank you button, its my way of showing respect without spamming really ^^,

And there was something else, but i forgot about it right now xD

Well! Keep theluda busy people! ;)

And oh yeah one last thing: Make this opensource? :D

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The forum is PunBB which is Open Source. There are a few custom modules, which are Open Source and on github, too.

On top of that I just added a few fixes, and changes here and there which just deal with our special situation (mucho spammers and such).

Thanks button is gone, but you soon will be able to raise the karma of people whos posts you enjoyed.

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Nah :)

I think this should be renamed to classic, tbc, wotlk, cata instead these numbers.

But actually I am not sure if the forum software is powerfull enough for nested forums.

And we clearly need subforums for ACCEPTED, REJECTED and SUBMITTED

there are only a few posts in core forum, and it is very hard to see what belongs were.

Maybe we could infact use CorePatches -> (accepted, rejected, submitted) for all three cores (with some tagging like [ZERO] )

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Wiki is a topic indeed. Does anyone know a script that converts MediaWiki to GitHub flavored Markdown? That would be a great thing, otherwise I would have to write it myself to get our old Wiki converted.

hmmm, not really however I'm running mediawiki on my server and can at least peel off the data for a manual conversion... if that helps in any way (??)

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Luda, can you please remove the pun_tag and use http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/24950/extensionupdated-v14-topics-prefixes/ instead. its exactly what we need: You can configure in which forums which user groups can use which predefined topic prefixes - like Classic, TBC, WotLK, Cata or Under review, Accepted, Rejected.

Also not sure why we would need sub forums?

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