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Guest Montas

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I`m sorry if this don`t belong here.

I would like to start some core modifications, but i hit the wall since i cant find any description of functuions or just what those functions are supposed to do.

I know they are named, so it should be possible to understand, but it would be much easier with some documentation and description of parameters etc., to look onto.

So is there anything like this, or i`ll have to go through source alone?

Any links are welcomed.

(I have searched forum, but didn`t found anything usefull)

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Hello, at looking at this:


The inheritance and collaboration diagrams are wrong, they represent stuff from the old netcode, while the rest of the page seems correct ( except some english spell errors I made :) ).

I think the project can benefit a lot from having that doxygen documentation.

MaNGOS Documentation


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when I can help, I do :)

doxygen is open source, you can download it here: link

not hard to install and to use... to generate the doc with the version of mangos you use ^_^ (or other programs :P)


just one question ;)

I search since 1 month how to compil the extractor in the directory contrib...

I find the ad.exe but I'm on linux so use wine is not a good solution for me

And the bin file "ad" dont have the lib needed

no makefile... how I can compil this on linux ?

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