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Holiday Events timing confusion



In an attempt to display holiday events on a webpage using mangos source as a reference I found that mangos does not appear to be taking leap year into account.

Please correct me if i'm wrong, but if mangos is not accounting for leap year than every event that uses a fixed date will end up starting a day earlier for every leap year that has occurred since the start_time

I started making a patch to account for leap year, however not all holidays are based on a fixed date such as the Darkmoon events which should start on Saturdays every 3 months from what i can tell from UDB.

However i'm not sure what the most ideal/proper way to identify if a holiday is based on a fixed date, i was planning on adding a new field to the table for extra flags and using 0x01 for an "is fixed date" flag

Edit: sorry if this is the wrong spot, still getting used to the new structure, but since i'm not ready to provide the patch just yet i assumed it did not fit in the "core" forum

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