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Since we have switched to new forums, I just wanted to keep this noted for all those seeking posts from the old community forums.

Our old community forums are available at http://getmangos.eu/community/ in read-only mode. If you need to copy over any topics, feel free to do so. We will keep the old forums active until the end of August 2012.

  • Where is my account? / I can't login: we have only migrated developer and moderator accounts to the new forums. You will have to register again.
  • I had donator status. It's gone!: simply send a private message to me, and I'll add you to the group.
  • Why did you use PunBB instead of FluxBB?: both boards are open source, but PunBB comes with a working plugin system while FluxBB required manual patching. That procedure put a high requirement on administration, thus we switched.
  • I see script and database sections. Can we now discuss scripting and content here?: Simply put: yes, absolutely. We think it is the time to have that here, too. Less searching, and less overhead.
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  • 42 years later...

Except for a few administrative accounts being migrated out of necessity, everyone is making a fresh start. It's a new birthday for the community and for us.

You're not alone. My own join date was originally back in March of 2007. Others "lost" even more time from their memberships.

It helps put us all on more equal terms, where ideas and effort in support of MaNGOS means more than mere senority. Merit in action, not longevity, is the only true measure.

We still like you all the same, despite your truncated chronology, Antz! ;)

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