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SDL and SDLmain required only for Zero?




I tried to build Mangos Zero mmaps branch yesterday and I had an error message stating that SDL and SDLMain libraries where missing. I managed to install SDL but the SDLMain error message keep prompting.

I never tried to build with mmaps in Zero before and never had these error messages. However, I build with mmaps on One and Master and never had these error messages though SDL was not installed.

So here's my question: why are SDL and SDLMain requiered for Zero mmaps and not for the other branches?


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The mmaps branch is only for testing purposes, you can not run it for a live server. Will not work. SDL is active to build the recast GUI which allows you to peek visually into the generated maps.

Edit: you usually only need libSDL on Linux, nothing else. For Windows the libraries are included.

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Ok, thank you for the feedback, this explains a lot. :)

By the way, I'm building on OS X, which requires SDLMain too in order to link to Cocoa interface/windows elements. But if the mmaps branch is for testing purposes, I'm afraid to be far underskilled to have use of such tools.

Anyway, if I backport some changes from One to Zero, what is the best way to have set added to the official repository? Posting here? Pull request (once I fixe ending lines issues as I use OS X where Git updates ALL files ending lines)?

As stated above, I have little skills but I can help to improve the Zero branch, I'll be happy to.

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