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Diminishing Return



Hi everyone,

I was looking at Diminishing Return in SpellMgr.cpp, i tried to understand how it works but in the code i cant find where some values are coming from !

For example :

           // Kidney Shot
           if (spellproto->IsFitToFamilyMask(UI64LIT(0x00000200000)))
               return DIMINISHING_KIDNEYSHOT;

Where come from the "0x00000200000" ?

I looked at SpellWork and also check Spell.dbc file with dbc reader and i didn't find anything.

So i require your help :D


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I 've already check this way, there is too much 0s and it's wrong, let's take an other example :

            // Fear
           if (spellproto->IsFitToFamilyMask(UI64LIT(0x40840000000)))
               return DIMINISHING_WARLOCK_FEAR;

With SpellWork :

SpellFamilyFlags = 0x0000040000000000

Any idea ?

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