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[Tool] EventAI Creator


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I had been working on this tool for some time, and probably not many of you know about it.

It's a simple C# tool which is supposed to help us to create easy and fast eventAI scripts.

You can download the sources and the install file from here:


It also supports some DB script parts, but these aren't properly tested yet.

Also, please note that I'm not the original author of this. I just picked it from an old SD2 thread and updated the tool to the latest mangos.


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Thank you for this, Xfurry. :D

I wonder if the day will come when we have a full GUI SDK, where even unskilled people could create scripts and database content in a single, handy app?

Between you, shlainn, Sys, and megasus it looks like the MaNGOS toolbox will be full in no time!

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