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Some tutorials?




I'm looking for tutorial for mangos-dev (Creating script or modify source code) and learn about the mangos structure.

Tutorials for beginners if possible, to learn C++ with mangos.

Can you help me?

PS: I have already learn other langage like PHP or JAVA.

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I have lot's of question ^^ :

How mangos work? (code structure, opcodes)

How realmd work? (code structure, opcodes, simulate a login and understand how does it work)

The database structure and relation between tables?

What is dbc, maps, vmaps and mmaps files? how does it work?

What is scriptdev? Learn to script a creature, a quest etc...

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There's always MaNGOS University.

Learning how to program and script for the core and database is the entire reason I started that topic in the Community Cafe.

Been wanting to sticky it for everyone to find easily, but I've been waiting to see more interest and activity from those wanting to learn.

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