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I have noticed a lot of unnecessary confusion regarding core versions.

This is especially obvious with all the errors being reported because someone pulled from the master branch, expecting it to be WoTLK 3.3.5a like it has been for years.


Cataclysm is now the MaNGOS master branch.

Wrath Of The Lich King, also called 3.3.5a, has been MOVED to its new repository:

MaNGOS-wotlk https://github.com/mangos-wotlk

The other servers, MaNGOS-Zero and MaNGOS-One, remain unchanged.

There is a stickied topic in this forum section, named "mangos source/projects list" which is maintained and kept current with any changes made to each server version, including changes in repositories.

That sticky is your guide on what projects are currently supported and where you may find the sources for each server version.

The MaNGOS staff apologizes for not having posted this news sooner and for the problems caused by unannounced changes to the projects. It was assumed the projects list sticky would be sufficient for informing you.

We will try to do better next time, but don't take that as any promise that MoP is due to become a project soon.

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