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[Uni] Database Development session 1: 09/21/2012

Guest theluda_

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Greetings community,

as mentioned earlier, we will hold bi-weekly development sessions in IRC for our vanilla database.

The first session will be held by me on 09/21/2012 at 20:30h GMT+1 in the #zero on irc.getmangos.eu.

What we will do

Starting with a fresh database branch containing only creature, gameobject, item and quest templates without any other related data, we will develop and build a clean, working database going through each zone by race,and level flow.

Our first session will be dedicated to the Human starting area, Northshire Valley.

Together we will properly spawn creatures, connect them with quests, dialogues, and complete the zone as it should be (and was on retail during the vanilla days).

Join us!

This is your chance to learn more about the game content database, and we will spill most of the secrets usually only known to the older database developers. I'll be explaining the ins and outs of content development, and guide you through it from an empty zone to a playable zone.


A full update package will be built and released after the session containing all necessary data to play in Northshire Valley.

So, sign up and have fun :D

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