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[Solved!]mmaps and the spell Frost Armor



I have compiled mangos 12111 with UDB 405 and ACID 3.10 successfully. and mmaps is used. the problem is below:

When a mage who has used the spell frost armor attacks a mob, the mob will go directly to the mage. upon contacting the mage the mob get the debuff and go back. It will go back and forth several times like this to chase to mage.

When the mage remove the spell frost armor, the bug described above disappears-the mob goes directly to the mage and will not go back .

can someone help ?


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Edit : both frost armor and frostbolt cause the bug above . the detail of frostbolt is:

once attacked by frostbolt, mob gets debuff . the time when the debuff disappear ,the mob goes back where it spawned to some distance and try to find the path to attacker again.

when i diable mmaps , the bug above disappears.

can somebody tell me which part of the codes involve the bug , thanks

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Try last three commits on https://github.com/faramir118/mangos/tree/speed-change-fix

Report back if it helps.

edit: should mention I have not tested this

i have look through the possible codes about the bug for several days and find that if disable the three row of codes below in SpellAuras.cpp

    //target->UpdateSpeed(MOVE_RUN, true);
   //target->UpdateSpeed(MOVE_SWIM, true);
   //target->UpdateSpeed(MOVE_FLIGHT, true);

the mob will chase to the attacker sucessfuly without going back and forth.

so it seems that those codes above cause the problem.

and i will report the results as soon as possible.

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