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Thousands of errors (warnings?) when extracting vmaps



I am using git bash to extract vmaps. After about 2800 successful extracts the process begins to drop messages like this one:

Can't open World\\Maps\\Azeroth\\Azeroth_23_11_obj0.adt, err=2!

The extract process does not seem to recover from that point. I receive thousands of these messages for many, many different locations.

I am using the 4.3.4 client that I downloaded from the torrent.

Any ideas what is going on?

Thanks in advance


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I noticed this as well yesterday when I was extracting dbcs/maps and vmaps. The extractor finished just fine even after all of those errors and I was able to move the extracted items over to a freshly compiled core and start it up with no problems.

It's good that this was brought to the dev's attentions, as it may be something that needs fixed. But in my experiences so far it hasn't caused any problems.

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