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  1. ok paypal as donation system is back all problems fixed
  2. you run as admin ? and you have the full client 28 GB version ?
  3. thanks for your work i will talk with antz to add your repos (links) to the new index page
  4. sorry not support here for mangosr2 check the mangosr2 forum for support thanks
  5. thanks for this guide you have a typo must be scripts not server
  6. Update added new links for new mangostwo repo wotlk ------------------------------------------ -- MaNGOSTwo WOTLK -- ------------------------------------------ -- core https://github.com/mangostwo/server -- scripts https://github.com/mangostwo/scripts -- database https://github.com/mangostwo/database
  7. what you mean with vip support setup a server for a donate user or extra fixes ?
  8. mangos helps everyone even without a donation mangos have last 3 years not donate get but have help
  9. yes that's a good point mangos will start from next year again complete new and we can use all donations. for infos (paypal email etc.) write me a pm
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