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i have rewrite (or better: copied) warden to mangos zero. it is based on warden for mangos-one you can find it in this repo.

it hasn't been tested! project file for VS10 if broken. if anyone can repair it, do not hesitate and do it.

i was able to compile it on linux (on 64bit machine, with debug and external ace options).

still trying to check if it works


i have found few mistakes i've made. current code is enough good to run server. still haven't tested warden system


it crashes with log

00:26:31 WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: client 5875, unk2 0, account KUPIX, clientseed 3465806943

00:26:31 [1 ms] SQL: SELECT id, gmlevel, sessionkey, last_ip, locked, v, s, mutetime, locale locale, os FROM account WHERE username = 'KUPIX'

00:26:31 WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: (s,v) check s: BF703F3A99D92D0C1FAE5F33C0E2A7659F31242B00C6E6F5F43E423A2F7F9D3B v: 1A3FB1C9AB0372249C580E63A95AF60645EABCB76F736A208DE7ECDA213910FE

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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here is a second attempt to implement warden into MangosZero. whole code is in warden branch. it has been updated to latest server commit (z2102). it compiles without errors under windows suing VC100 (unfortunately i was only able to change project files for VC100. i don't have previous versions of VS so if anyone else have it and can change it, any help is always welcome). it also compiles without errors under linux.

be aware it hasn't been tested. it might fail during user login (probably will do) as it was on first attempt. i think it's very important part of the server so it would be great if anyone could help with implementing/fixing it.

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