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The monitor-mangos executable

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I had a quick look (never heard about it before!), and it's not an executable but a shell script. So you can open it in your favorite editor and have a look or even change it :)

It seems to do this at the start to check how much CPU the mangos process is using:

pid=`ps ax | awk '($5 ~ /mangos-worldd/) { print $1 }'`
cpu=`top -b -n 1 -p $pid | awk '($12 ~ /mangos-worldd/) { print $9 }'`

The fact that top complains about a missing argument for you means that the 'pid' variable is empty; which can easily happen if there's no process on your machine matching 'mangos-worldd'. So, apart from a little rewrite to make the script more robust for errors, the most easy way to go would be:

  • Check what the mangos process is called on your machine, and adapt the script slightly.
  • Do not run the script unless you know mangos is actually running.
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