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Just a quick Update. I've added a local database to the project to save realmlists; now I'm just working on the query to select the database and Insert so that realmlists can be saved and selected; hoping to have all that sorted out by tomorrow night.

Update has been made; the app now has an internal database to store realmlist type; realmlist and region; I'm working on an update statement to where you can enable a specific realmlist by updating and it will update your realmlist.wtf folder. It's currently being done with a simple SQL interface


You can see that it's a very simple interface to add and delete realms however I plan on doing more to make it more simplistic and then worry about making it more pretty. :)

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mayb some kind of client patching system would be nice making easier for ppl to update client .you either need some kind server to host patches or set launcher to pull and install from place like this http://www.wowpedia.org/Patch_mirrors..

The client patch I'm thinking of removing in general for the simple reason that all the different realms could use different pages. If I had the source to the WoW.exe I would have it check for patches using an if else statement and reading different patches for different realm lists. I don't know if servers would be comfortable with this, but I could start putting an in game launcher database with the names of servers and their realmlist with an up or down status, but that would require access to their database and their realmlist table, so not sure if anyone would really be willing to share that information with me; it would take a read permission on their db, so that all depends on the server I suppose.

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I'm looking for someone who will be better with the SQLCE Structure then I am in visual basic. Essentially when someone goes to save a realm it will sometimes give an error and deleting it will also give an error. If anyone is able to help with this that would be great.

Another Update to all. The Launcher will now need to be published and then installed to run; otherwise it will be missing essential components to the data structure. I'm installing it now to attempt to test the realmlist modifications :)

If anyone can't install due to missing dependencies please let me know so that I can add them into the project build.

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Well; I've finished with my first version of the launcher

You can download a precompiled version at

http://www.doxramos.org/downloads/launcher/Launcher.zip Zip Format

http://www.doxramos.org/downloads/launcher/Launcher.7z 7 Zip Format

And you can download the Source at


After you have the Launcher just extract to the WoW Directory and Run from There. The WoW.exe must still be WoW.exe at this point.



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