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  1. this thread need be made sticky .and listed on main page of get mangos.
  2. might be a good to put a link t up on mangosones site to be a ref or guide to help ppl identify and understand better prob they see in mangosone server.once you have wiki page up .
  3. For ppl looking for them here place to get patches for wow client this prob best place for patches and they have in multi lang http://www.wowpedia.org/Patch_mirrors old patches can be found here like 2.4.3 to 3.3.0 → 3.3.5a http://www.wowpedia.org/Patch_mirrors_%28old_patches%29
  4. it good idea if ur using xampp to get zip version extract to dir. then follow steps above that way u put on seperate hard drive in case some happens to system or main hard drive it be safe We need one place in forum for the tut to make eaiser to find instead scatterd all over place.and those make need resposibility to keep update.
  5. i did a little looking around and can find some of these exact doc on various sites.
  6. yea they from kat but none look like like boook u buy any where most of them look be stuff taken from site that do guilds and converted to pdf .if for some reason u thing any material not ill remove the link .but post for benafit might help with db.
  7. heres a few wow guilds that might help with the data bases.it be esier u dl from original source then me try upload to another location. http://kat.ph/world-of-warcraft-guides-hacks-cheats-and-more-t596724.html
  8. come with a couple sets of random questions so that you switch them up with every so often so the answer dont become predictable say 20 or more how many want put in at time use those for a while example couple months then change the set question up with new set of 20 or more that way the are never realy the same group of questions
  9. ahere another idea i think it use in another forum during signing up you have to answer a question that req u to actualy google it to get answer.maybe can be random or mayby out set of question that randomly pick so not same or predictable say set 50 question the randomly have you answer one of question out of the 50 when you signup.and change the question every so often to make more dif for bots
  10. this may or may not help in some way but it a site that keeps a database of known forum spammers including ips and email addresses. http://www.stopforumspam.com/daily
  11. sorry i did not mean by ip range that ban alot uncessary ppl.
  12. if im not mistaken each isp is given a range of ips to assign to there customers.you can pay to have a static ip.and im not sure how offten they recycle the ips and reuse them.
  13. i dont see how get past the rechapcha any way unless someone actualy sighning up the using the account with spambot.are you banning by account name or ip?banning by ip would keep some from signing up and spamming again will other might have to wait till there isp changes their ip.unless they are using a poxy.and this might limit ppl in community but i been to some site the will not let you on if you using a poxy. u can us that here to limit the spamming bots while banning through there ip
  14. I agree wth freedom to learn from this but the company like blizzard wont see it that way.and will shut it down i have seen many open source projects like this closed down specialy if the company based in USA.and not saying cower in the shadows but be carefull most big company wont give a crap about your rights or if you are being oppressed.all they care about a profitand most company dont want you to reverse engineer there server whether it for security or greed.the mangos community should stay as it is under radar not hiding in the shadow.this whole legal thing is like a red flare say im
  15. I may be a little Paranoid.but due to nature of mangos this whole legal thing might be getting a little big .and might attract unwanted attention from blizzard or someone else that might shutdown the mangos project.keep it small rely on the mangos community for helpwhere funding or the mangos but keep small and unnoticed or i fear they the might get shutdown
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