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[ RELEASE ] Tool to auto-update your mangos SQL


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Here's a little tool I made with a bat file and a SQL query.


What it's doing for now :

-Automaticly output via 'SQL command line' the current mangos, realmd and characters version.

-User is then asked to input those numbers. (Only manual part for now)

-Automaticly scan .\\MangOS\\sql\\updates for files related to each database with the right revison number.

-Automaticly Import those files to the proper database.

-And it just saved you a great amount of time managing your server !!!

It's very handy in the process of updating a clean DB relase (like UDB ) to the latest mangos rev.

All you have to do is put the two files included in the archive in your .\\MangOS\\sql\\ and edit BOTH of them to suite your configuration.

If you find bugs or way's to improve this script I will be glad to heard them. (Particuly if you know how to parse a mysql output string to a batch variable wink.gif )

Have fun and enjoy !

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