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No suggestions from my end as I, too, use MangosWeb v3. I'm very satisfied with it, but I use WotLK on my server. I looked around in the code to try and find a way to add an option for Cataclysm, but after a while it all ran together. If you're good with PHP, though, you might glean a bit from my looking around...

Under \\core\\SDL\\class.account.php - line 823, there is a setExpansion function. I can't figure how to make it create an account with option 3 inserted into account table. Although, if you look at \\inc\\account\\account.manage.php - line 160, that function is called to run. You may be able to dabble around and make it work... or you may find a nice elegant solution in a new portal. I wouldn't know where to start there, but let me know if you find something neat!

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Is the only thing you need a fix during the registration so that they register and have permissions for Cataclysm? If that's all then I can help you out with it, but if it's you want a full new Theme made and all then I don't know if I'm willing to take that project while I'm working on my project. Email me at [email protected] if you're interested.

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