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Warrior stance bug



Hi all,

I've been googling the above issue and there is a few people out the with the same issue but I have been unable to find a solution. Basically when I change between the stances the actions bars sometimes change to the correct one but other times its blank. Also If I die or log I have to reset the spells on the action bar. This only happens with the warrior. I haven't noticed it with any of the other classes but I haven't played them all yet.

I hope that makes sense



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Really would appreciate the help, I don't really want to be screwing with the server to much without understanding a bit of what I am doing.



Edit: basically what I am asking is, do I just change the indicated lines in C++ and then re compile it all after??

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That was commit 1711 to mangos-one. I could have missed it, but did you mention which version/revision of mangos you are using? The most current version of mangos-one is 1749 - meaning if you have the latest, you should be 38 commits ahead of this one, and the change is already there. If you aren't using mangos-one, which version are you using? If it's most current of mangos-one, those lines are already there. Hope this clears things up a bit for you, it can all get confusing sometimes.

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