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Client 4.3.4

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Alright So Number 1 im no idiot.

i tried everything people have listed and im having nothing but issues.

When i use the mangos patcher i edit realmist and i rename launcher... i get a network error.

i rename just the launcher after i have patched and i get a critical error. missing Client.cpp

i try to run wow.exe leaving launcher.exe and it launches my MOP install on a different Harddrive altogether

i cant even do the dbc and vmaps file as there is a compatability error with windows 8

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Did you disable Window's rather annoying habit of undoing any changes to installed software?

I know patching Wow.exe won't work well in Win7 or 8 because of that file protection feature. It's supposed to protect you from malware writing itself into EXE and DLL files, but it does a good job at locking you out, too.

Also, are you using Visual Studio 2012 or the 2010 version? Is it the Express edition? Were any errors reported by VS after compiling MaNGOS?

When you compile the server, have you cleaned your solution then chosen "Release 32-bit" or "Release 64-bit" for the build?

That's about all I have. Copies of any error logs and system dumps would offer better information.

You really deserve a medal, for trying to compile and run a server on Windows 8! :lol:

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