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  1. I remember a program called "screen" if my memory don't fail me. I can background consoles and prevent realmd and mangosd shutdown if you disconnect from putty etc
  2. I mean traslate the missing tables (9100 text lines)
  3. I need to know this before start the translations
  4. points_of_interest missing npc_text missing page_text must be renamed creation table from page_Text to page_text, error importing. So this tables remain to traslate (Spanish): npc_text page_text gossip_menu_option points_of_interest
  5. Changed Version to Unset Changed Type to Database Changed Category to NPC
  6. Hi all. Peharps you know, but in https://github.com/MangosExtras/MangosZero_Localised in language Spanish are sql tables missing, gossipmenu and pagetexts, also where is npc_texts ?? Meanwhile testing Spanish languaje there's quest with name "140210", questgiver : "McBride" Thanks for the hard work
  7. Hehe, i know. I will try to have fun meanwhile, and my time let me do!
  8. Ok, i think i can export SQL files from Elysium db to populate MaNGOS db with locales work already done, seems easy but i need to learn how to do without mistakes. There is some tables with missing Spanish text as locale_npc_text each others. I'm trying to figure out how to populate that Spanish info without be madness in a few minutes, if almost i have English texts peharps i have a chance.
  9. Ok, i will try to do that, many thanks! EDIT : Do you know a good SQL Editor? HeidiSQL and SQLyog limits 1000 rows per table :-S
  10. Ok. I have found some texts, all in locales_* and more text only in English, in tables locales_* here is some rows : locale1, locale2 etc, each locale is one language. I would port that info to MaNGOS DB, but if any another client connect to this "server" or "db" only will see one language if uses MaNGOS db. Would be nice if MaNGOS copy that idea, let have locales for chinese, russian, french, english and spanish
  11. What tablets are necessary to work with it? Thanks

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