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[ZERO] Mangosd.exe loads, beeps and immediately crashes



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Look in your Server.log - last line should be the issue. DBErrors.log may have it, though, depending on what it is.

The last time that happened to me, I had installed mangosd as a system service, and thought I had removed it. Started it manually, and got a crash after the beep. Turns out mangosd was still running in the background and had the remote access port already claimed, so the new instance couldn't listen on that port and crashed.

It's always something weird and stupid when I have an error, though! :(

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well this is what im getting exactly

2012-12-04 23:15:04 mangosd process priority class set to HIGH

2012-12-04 23:15:04

2012-12-04 23:15:04

2012-12-04 23:15:04 ERROR:Failed to open acceptor, check if the port is free

2012-12-04 23:15:04 ERROR:Failed to start network

2012-12-04 23:15:04 Halting process...

i checked my services, nothing mangos related there.

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