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make spells cast more mana and do more dps. mangos Zero



hi all^^

i'm in development of a 1.12.1 funserver.

i ahve added stats too all gear and so^^ that works fine. my problem are:

as mana user:

i have 500K mana spell cast 50-200 mana (u can never go oom)

u have 500k hp but u online heal for like 1K.

this is i ahve not edit all the spells. i don't know how to fix so the spell are gettinh better^^

there is one way i can give the insane spell deamage and spell healing but yea its better if i can find a better way of doing it.

srry i don't know c++. but i'm willing to give it a try if i jsut get in the right code like where to look that find this kinda stuffs^^

that i need to edit are:

make so spells cast more mana

make so u heal more with spells

make so u do more dps with spells

thx for all your help i can get^^

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