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[VoiceChat] Basic Questions



Hi guys!

I just signed up here, it's my first post. (You can see that - obviously - but I did not find another introduction to my toppic.)

So, this thread differs a lot from other people's topics here, but I hope, that someone can help me.

I never played WoW or any other MMORPGs, that's why I don't have much knowledge of it.

I'm an applied informatics student at university, and I have to write a termpaper about

ANYTHING(!) in a MMORPG. We do not have any limits for it - it has just to be about MMORPGs.

The length should be between 2 and 5 pages, excluding Overview, Literature etc.

As I said, I'm not really into this, so it's hard for me finding something to write about.

Since I'm very concerned about audio in my freetime, I wanted to do something in this area.

Unfortunately I did not find any information about the source of the official WoWservers (no wonder),

that's why I searched for some privateservers, and found Mangos.

(btw: The description of the community sounds pretty much like a cult :P)

I'm working much with C and VB (yea.. flame me guys - but I have to learn it for my company :/)

and i hope I can track the C++ Scripts - at least with some help of google.

I have several questions (yes, I googled and shit, but I didnt find much helpfull things):

- Is there a voiceserver included in mangos at all? (if not: ignore the remaining questions)

- Is the source for it public?

- Are common codecs used (I think so - would'nt be everything else inconvenient?)

- Could it be compared to the original server's voicechat?

- Is there a documentation anywhere? (I hope so - or I rather THINK so)

- Since this is a open-source project (I hope it is?): Is there a possibility of finding the guys who coded it, for some special questions

(I'll have to proof every damned word I'll write)

- Are there other open-source projects, that could be compared with Mangos? (Traffic usage, codecs, compression, latency...)

I know, that some of the questions are kind'a weird, but - as I said - I'm not into MMORPGs.

(I even have to check the spelling of M-M-O-R-P-G-s all the time..)

Ok - that's all for the moment.

With the progress of my work, and if there's a demand for it, I'm sure I can share the "results".

Thanks for your help already!


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While I've never used the voice chat on live, or in Mangos, it was implemented in patch 2.2.0 (http://www.wowwiki.com/Voice_over_Internet_Protocol).

If you wanted to look at the source to see if it works in Mangos, your best bet would be to start with mangos-one. When I played on live servers, we always used Ventrilo for voice chat - as we did in Everquest, EQ2, Dark Age of Camelot, and then WoW. There is Mumble, which is open source, and was intended primarily for gaming... that could tie in somehow I guess.

I've got some friends coming over to LAN tomorrow night, so I'll see if we can get in voice chat to see if it works (we play on a mangos-wotlk server). I'll let you know.

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hi guys,

short update.

I was writing now for like 20 hours, my toppics have slightly changed.

Since I was - obviusly - too stupid to gather the information from the source (I did not find anything at all about voicechat, except a voicechathandler.c, that did not contain any useful information), I just concentrated on the voice-codecs themselfes.

I will come up with some techniques of a/d processing and especially voice compression codecs (G711, speex, lame for comparison - well, the codec guys 8-))

If anyone is interested, I think I can share the work (gotta ask my employer first), but it's in German (only some English quotes).



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